Our travel agency organizes small personalized culinary tours through Slovenia (2-12 Person).


Our offer includes:

  • Wine tasting
  • Bio salami tasting
  • Cheese tasting
  • Fine dining
  • Boutique accommodations
  • Glampings
  • Home made food tasting at the farm.
  • Inns with traditional Slovenian food...


Our goal is to fulfill your wishes and offer you a completely tailored experience.

Send us your preferences, and we'll gladly prepare one or more itineraries customized to your desires.


Contact us and allow us to create a memorable journey filled with flavors, aromas, and unique experiences.

Your culinary adventure in Slovenia begins here! 


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1. Relaxing gourmet trip Ljubljana, Radovljica, wine region.
  • 3 nights
  • Boutique accommodations, wine tastings, gourmet dinners.
  • Ljubljana, Radovljica (Bled), Vipava Valley or Goriska Brda
2. Dolenjska region, the hidden gem of Slovenia
  • If you are a fan of hidden gems then you must take this one-day private trip and discover Dolenjska region.
  • You will visit places far from mass tourism surrounded by nature, river, castles... 
  • Two days trip, overnight stay in boutique culinary accommodation. 
  • Boutique organic salami tasting accompaniment with local wines.
  • Five and four-course meal at the culinary house (season, local food).
3. Discovering Ljubljana, Logarska Valley and Bohinj.
  • 3 days, a culinary journey through Slovenian dishes.
  • Bohinj, Logarska Valley and Ljubljana.
  • Guided biking and walking tours.
  • Wine tasting
  • Tasting homemade dishes at the farm.
4. Culinary days in Ljubljana, 3 days
  • Food & drink guided tour
  • Dinner with show dance

  • A visit of a traditional quality Slovenian inn

  • Wine tasting

  • Workshop »Cocktails and Dreams«

  • Beer tasting of a local Slovenian kraft beers...

5. Culinary journey through the Karst region
  •  Wine tasting
  •  Boutique cheese tasting
  •  One night in a boutique accommodation
  •  Seven-course meal
6. Romantic and pampering gourmet getaway
  • Romantic holiday in Slovenia, 3 days, car rental or with your own car.
  • Wine tasting/sparkling wines, boutique mansion
  • Dinners, breakfast served in bed
7. Day trip - class gourmet pampering in the boutique wine region Goriska Brda ('Tuscany of Slovenia')
  • Experience Slovenia by tasting Slovenian top-class wine and food in the boutique wine region Goriška Brda.    
8. Pampering in Slovenian thermae spa related to culinary delights
  • 6 days, accommodation (thermae) in the oldest charming town in Slovenia: Ptuj,
  • A visit of Ljubljan,
  • Wine tasting in one of the oldest Slovenian wine cellars,
  • Pumpkin oil tasting,
  • Family-run country chocolaterie (Tasting of boutique chocolate with the local, Prekmurje flavor).
9. Gourmet experiences in Ljubljana
  • Two nights, supper focusing on Slovenian inovative traditional food,     
  • Private guided tour or food tour
  • Wine tasting in a wine store in Ljubljana
  • Private transport from the airport to the hotel
10. Wine tasting tour

Wine tastings in four different Slovenian regions related to gourmet restaurants.

  • 5 days,
  • 7 x wine tastings with local nibbles (renowned top winemakers),
  • 5x gourmet dinners 
11. The tastes of the wine region Vipava Valley

Get acquainted with the wine region in western part of Slovenia, offering you calmness, pristine nature and top food and wines.

  • Wine tasting,
  • 5x course meal, 
  • private guide.
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