10. Wine tasting tour

Wine tastings in four different Slovenian regions related to gourmet restaurants.

  • 5 days,
  • 7 x wine tastings with local nibbles (renowned top winemakers),
  • 5x gourmet dinners 


  • Slovenia can boast 48 vine varieties.
  • White wines prevail. 
  • Orange, organic, biodynamic and natural wines have becoming more and more popular. 
  • Natural conditions essentially influence the sensory characteristics of wines.
  • Therefore the regions also differ as to the selection  of sorts.
  • You will get familiar with the differences between wines as to the region.
  • By tasting, local delicacies get the impression of Slovenia’s diversity despite its pocket size.
  • Each region with its charm and friendly local people can offer you top culinary pleasures.
  • All wine producers included in our offer are world renowned for their top quality wines, they can boast several world awards (Decanter, Wine & Spirits, AWC Vienna...).
  • Our program also includes the best Slovenian gourmet restaurants (Michelin Stars, JRE ....).

1. Day 


Dinner at one of the best Slovenian chefs in Ljubljana (eight course dinner).


2. Day

Štajerska wein region:

Štajerska is a highly variegated country with steep hills in Haloze, man-made terraces in Ljutomer-Ormož vineyard hills and Maribor, a city which can boast a vineyard in the city and the oldest vine in the world.

Since long the region has had famous sites which have been ranked among the 4 percent of the best vineyard sites in the world.

As the greatest wine region in Slovenia and by combining the sites and wine varieties, it offers the possibilities to produce wines which used to be drunk in royal families throughout Europe.

The most famous varieties are: Laški rizling, Šipon, Renski rizling, Chardonnay and Pinot Blanc.


The visit of:

  • Ptuj, the oldest Slovenian town, and the oldest wine cellar, where will you taste some wine.
  • A mansion of top quality wines, where wine tasting of boutique wines of a renowned Štajerska wine house will take place.
  • Dinner in a top Štajerska restaurant (five course meal).


3. Day 

The Slovenian Istria region:

The Adriatic Sea considerably affects Slovenian Istria and the wine refošk, which is the leading vine variety of the region.

Besides Refošk, Malvazija, internationally recognized varieties as Chardonnay, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and also Syrah grow here.


The visit of:

  • To the Adriatic Sea and visit the Venetian town Piran.
  • Lunch/dinner in a family-run restaurant (three-course meal), where fish delicacies are served.
  • A visit of a famous wine producer of top quality wines in central Istria.


4. Day

The Vipava Valley:

It is situated in western Slovenia, at the Italian border. These is lowlands, lying 45 m to 300 m above sea level, which used to be a gulf of the ancient sea.

Old autochthonous vine varieties Zelen and Pinela are characteristic of the region.


The visit of :

  • Two renowned wine growers, famous for their hospitality and quality wines.
  • Pamper your taste buds in a mansion famous for top cuisine, which is highly valued by Italian guests (five-course meal).


5. Day

The Goriška Brda region:

Our tour takes us to a fabulous boutique land Goriška Brda, famous for numerous wine producers who received several awards.

Brda is often compared with Tuscany.

Goriška Brda is a typical wine-growing region of a Mediterranean character. The climate is favorable, with mild winters, and hot yet not too dry summers. The Mediterranean climate prevails and contributes to the specificities of the Brda wines.

Here vines grow up to the altitude of 600 m above sea level. The wines grown at 200 m above sea level are highly harmonious, and elegant and have less alcohol and more acids.

Lower altitudes (100 m) are appropriate for the growing of Pinot Grigio, Chardonnay, Merlot and Cabernet. These wines are richer, with a little bit more alcohol.

Recently Brda has again become known for its characteristic Rebula, Jakot, Black Rebula.


The visit of:

  • Two boutique top-quality wine producers, who can boast family tradition passed down through multiple generations and numerous world awards. 
  • Supper (four courses) in a top-class farmhouse.


The entire offer can be adapted to the needs and wishes of the guests (private guide, rental car, boutique accommodation...). Sights of interest and wine tastings in the Posavje, Prekmurje region can also be added to the program. 


Price includes:

  • 7 x wine tastings  with local nibbles
  • 5x gourmet dinners 


The entire offer can be adjusted to your desires, including a tourist guide, transport, boutique accomodations, culinary activites (cheese tasting, salami tasting...) more wine regions: Dolenjska region, Bela Krajina...


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