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Get to know the hidden treasure of Europe - SLOVENIA

A small and pretty country SLOVENIA (2 million inhabitants) borders Italy, Austria, Hungary and Croatia. Slovenia is a member of EU (its currency is euro), NATO and is a Schengen area member state, as well as a member in other world organizations.

It covers 20,273 square kilometres and is locatedat the crossroads of the Alps, Dinara Alps, the Pannonian plain and the Mediterranean. 

The Alps prevail in the north western part, with the highest mountain Triglav (2863m).

In the vicinity of the Adria (a part of Mediterranean Sea) lies the region Karst. 

Its underground world hides the most magnificent cave galleries in Europe (Postojna Cave, Škocjan Caves - UNESCO). The largest natural protected area is the Triglav National Park (Bohinj Lake, the valley of the emerald river Soča).


Interesting facts about Slovenia:

  • The name SLOVENIA hides the word love.
  • Slovenia -European Region of Gastronomy 2021
  • Michelin Stars Revelation 2020 Slovenia: 52 restaurants included in the Michelin Guide Slovenia, 5 restaurants with one Michelin Star, 1 restaurant with two Michelin Stars
  • Slovenia has been ranked among top 10 most peaceful countries in the world (4th place) according to the criteria of the Institute for Economics and Peace (IEP).
  • The capital Ljubljana translates to be loved.
  • It is possible for the inhabitants of Ljubljana to swim in the Adriatic Sea and ski in the Alps within an hour’s drive.
  • Slovenia has been proclaimed as "world’s next great culinary destination" by American food magazine Afar.
  • One of the most popular Slovenian destinations is the only Slovenian island, the Bled Lake Island, with a church nestled at its center.
  • Flos Olei;the Italian Guide to the World's best Extra virgin Olive Oil, has ranked Slovenian organic olive oil producer to be in the top 20 of the world.
  • Slovenia has plenty of rich mineral water springs and offers top quality spas, together with highly qualified medical staff.
  • Slovenia was the first country to introduce a new concept of tourism, the so called api tourism (api means honey in Latin). It is a new branch of tourism, which takes you into the world of bees.
  • Slovenia has free healthcare and higher education (the reason why the notorious documentary filmmaker Michael Moore visited Slovenia this year).
  • Slovenia has received the 2015 IAGTO Award for the Undiscovered Golf Destination of the Year at the International Golf Travel Market.
  • Slovenia is the third most forested country in Europe, almost 60% of the total area are covered by forests.
  • Slovenia is rich with water, per capita there is four times more water than it is the case with the average European citizen.
  • Slovenia won the first place in a digital initiative World ICE CREAM Index, launched by an Irish consultancy SoolNua
  • Slovenia has the oldest vineyard in Europe, which has been entered into the Guinness book of records.
  • The Guardian called Slovenia, apart from the neighbouring Italy, a hotspot country for orange wine.
  • Slovenia has protected 21 food products with the European Commission.
  • Mr. Paolo Basso, twice the world champion sommelier, paid a visit to Slovenia and confirmed the rumors which had it that despite small in size Slovenia offers high quality wines.
  • Slovenian wine growers can boast numerous world  awards (Decanter, Wine & Spirits, AWC  Vienna, -San Franciso Usa, Mondial de  Bruxelles…).
  • The international vine varieties popular in the territory of Slovenia: Pinot blanc, Cabernet sauvignon, Chardonnay, Rain Riesling, Merlot , Cabernet franc, Barbera, Sauvignon, Pinot gris....
  • Popular domesticated and traditional local vine sorts: Laško Riesling, Malvasia, Rebula, Refošk, Šipon, Pinela, Zelen, Jakot...
  • Slovenia can boast with the World`s best Female Chef 2017.
  • Slovenia declared the world`s first green country by organisation Green destinations.
  • 20 May is the world bee day on the initative of our country.

The lake of Bohinj is a part of the only Slovenian national park – the Triglav National Park (TNP). On the lake there is a statue of a legendary “Zlatorog” - goldenhorn (a white chamoix with golden horns). Bohinj offers numerous sports activities and it is the rights choice for all who prefer peace in the nature.

The Soča Valley

The valley and its emerald Soča river received in 2008 the EDEN (European destinations of excellence) award. A part of the film The Chronicles of Narnia was shot on the Soča river. The valley offers numerous sports activities (rafting, climbing, cycling, fishing, golf). There, one can also get the insight into the past, related to the Soča Front in World War I.


Ljubljana is the capital of Slovenia. In Ljubljana you can visit romantic bridges, the castle on the hill with a view of Ljubljana and its surroundings, Roman remains and a combination of buildings dating from different historical periods. Ljubljana has won the award for European Green Capital 2016.


The town Piran is a coastal town, situated on a romantic promontory with a church and walls on its tip. Its narrow streets and alleys remind us of the once powerful Republic of Venice, under which role Piran used to be for quite a long time. Under Venetian rule trade prospered and the production of salt flourished, the latter still being practiced in a traditional and natural way.  


Lipica is known for its stud-farm and world-famous Lipizzaner horses. Apart from guided tours and events, one can also visit the riding school, golf course and enjoy a ride in a coach through the farm.

The Skocjan Caves

The Skocjan Caves are karst caves, entered on the UNESCO World Heritage List, and a part of the Škocjan Caves Regional Park. In the park there are numerous surface and underground karst features.

The Postojna Cave

The Postojna Cave is one of the most interesting karst caves; there is a unique railway there and you are taken through the caves by train.

Predjama Castle

Predjama Castle is a most spectacular castle high in a rock wall. It is also linked to a legend of a knight Erasmus who lived in the castle. The castle hides a lot of secrets, alluding to secret passages through karst world of the caves.

The Savinja and Logarska Valleys

The Savinja and Logarska Valleys offer various forms of outdoor recreation (riding, cycling, water sports, angling). Strong emphasis has been put on the coexistence between man and nature.

The Town of Ptuj

Ptuj is the oldest Roman town in Slovenia and boasts one of the oldest wine cellars and medieval castle on a hill. The town is full of Roman remains from the sites in the vicinity of the Ptuj »Sea«.


The tourist town Bled boasts the only Slovenian island. On one side of Bled, perching high above, there is a magnificent castle. There you can be transferred to the medieval time. In Bled you can enjoy numerous gastronomic delights and several outdoor activities (cycling, a trip through the Vintgar gorge, bathing in the lake, playing golf...).

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