10. Get acquainted with the Slovenian JRE restaurants
  • For gourmet food enthusiasts - free time at your disposal, program is tailored to your needs, 
  • 6x top restaurants (JRE-Jeunes Restaurateursis),
  • Additional offer: boutique accommodations, wine tasting,  honey tasting, trip to the world of cheese, boutique fish farm...


Although a country small in size, Slovenia has different regions, diverse in their climate and gourmet tastes.

The offer includes JRE restaurants with innovative cuisine all over Slovenia, led by young, passionate chefs. The offer can be adapted to your wishes.

Get to know Slovenia not only through its natural and cultural heritage but also gourmet food and wines.




Gorenjska region 

Attractions: Lake Bled, Bohinj, Kranj, Bled vintgar …

The restaurant in Gorenjska boasts a beautiful garden and top restaurant, giving emphasis to tradition, love, the quality of local food and the use of local, eco and healthy products. The chef is constantly on the search for forgotten local recipes, only to upgrade them into top innovative plates.


Primorska region

Attractions: Postojna cave, Skocjan Cave, Piran, Lipica stud farm...

In a wonderful mansion a top chef continues his mama’s family story. He is very popular with Italian guests. You can taste creative cuisine of the chef who is considered by many to be the best one in Slovenia.

A visit to a wine cellar and wine tasting at a boutique quality wine winemaker. You can taste autochthonous Vipava region wine types (Pinela, Zelen), five wine samples, served with local food.


Valley of Soca river

Discover the taste of the best Slovenian chef awarded by The World’s Best Female Chef Award.  Restaurant is a beautiful countryside house & estate, with three generations living in different floors. Behind the house, there is a huge herb, flower and vegetable garden, beside it you can hear a lively creek, home to a small family of trouts. 


Dolenjska region

Attractions: Otocec castle, Novo mesto, Krka river...

Taste the fresh scent of the Dolenjsko region, enriched by a touch of contemporaneity and tradition. The chef takes care that their plates offer fresh local foods produced by local farmers.


Prekmurje region

Attractions: tower Vinarium, thermal and mineral springs region – spas, Goricko castle ...

A restaurant with a long family tradition, which will lead you through the entire story of Prekmurje. You can experience the food which used to be prepared in Prekmurje, yet with a touch of freshness, charm and gentleness, together with local quality wines.


Štajerska region

Attractions: Celje castle, Zicka kartuzija monastery, Maribor...

The restaurant is located in a medieval castle, where you can taste Slovenian author’s cuisine, served on aesthetically perfect plates, the emphasis laid on quality, local origin, freshness and freshwater products.


Additional offer:

  • Tasting of boutique cheeses (Gorenjska)
  • Tasting of pumpkin oil (Prekmurje)
  • A visit to a boutique fishmonger’s shop and tasting (Primorska)
  • Tasting of Slovenian honey and a beekeeper visit (Dolenjska)
  • Tasting of boutique chocolate with the local taste (Prekmurje)


More about additional offer: https://www.gourmetravel.eu/offer/additional-offer


The entire offer can be adapted to your wishes, including an overnight stay, a tourist guide who can take you around the nearby sights, transport etc.


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